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The Honeymoon

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Sydney, New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia

Up this morning and went to the Rocks for breakfast. Found a place that did a very nice breakfast with BBQ'ed sausage and bacon. Had a walk around the Rocks weekend market, then caught the ferry to the aquarium, which we entered through a sharks mouth. The aquarium was brilliant with some tanks where you could walk through tunnels with sharks, fish and rays swimming overhead. Also you could walk through tunnels with seals swimming overhead.


There were some large tanks with really large fish in. Only problem with it being a weekend was that there were a few traffic jams of kids and pushchairs.

After that we wandered up to St. Andrew's Cathedral, on the way we passed a protest march, I am not sure whether it was about the Iraq war or uranium mining. St Andrew's Cathedral has a lovely green planked roof and some lovely stained glass windows. It is smaller than I expected, much smaller than Durham. The reredos is still there but there is no high altar. There is no cross at the front and nothing to act as a focus for prayer and meditation. There is also nowhere to light a candle or leave prayer requests, something that I would disturbing in any church but especially one that is open to the public on a daily basis. Disappointed that the book shop was shut. Looking through the door they didn't seem to have much serious academic theology but lots on feminism and follow Jesus and everything will be all right type books.

After a rest at the hostel we headed out for a few beers and dinner. Most pubs in Australia seem to have a separate gambling area with at least a few machines though some places seem to have a full betting shop in the back room. Had a very nice meal in an old pub called The Orient. I had Skippy for dinner. It was slightly spoilt by the cricket being on and England doing a traditional collapse. I had an extremely nice prawn and scallop salad before the Skippy.


After that we had a walk down by the harbour to take some photos before a quick drink in Sydney's oldest pub - the Fortune of War - which wasn't showing the cricket. Had a final drink in the hostel bar, where boringly enough no one was wearing their nightwear for the pyjama party.

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