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The Honeymoon

Australia Flag New South Wales Flag

Sydney, New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia

Had breakfast in the café before heading for the Rocks. This is one of the oldest parts of Sydney and the morning was spent wandering around taking in some wonderful architecture and the lovely atmosphere. Found a shop that sold everything from Russian dolls to an Egyptian Sarcophagus to china from steamer ships.

Also visited the garrison church, which is a lovely little church with some nice stained glass and a lovely carved altar and reredos. However it also had the newsletter of Moore College on display and referred to it's priest as minister.

Harbour Bridge

In the afternoon we climbed the bridge in lovely grey jumpsuits. The view from the top was amazing, Sydney seems so large.

Opera House Harbour

However, the climb wasn't that hard and the safety seemed a bit over the top. I would have been quite happy to do it without being attached to a safety wire. It also felt a bit tour groupish and near the top you seemed to spend time standing waiting for the group in front to move on.

Bridge Climb Bridge Climb Bridge Climb Bridge Climb

We had a drink in a pub just up the road which stocked a good range of Australian beers. We then had dinner in a Bavarian theme bar, very strange in the middle of Sydney, suddenly being transported to Munich, complete with staff wearing Lederhosen.

All this international travel is catching up and it was back to the hostel for an early night.

Australian metro trains are double decker. Some also have seat backs that you can move to change the way you face.

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