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The Honeymoon

New Zealand Flag

Auckland, Dominion of New Zealand


Sydney, New South Wales, Commonwealth of Australia

Australia Flag New South Wales Flag

Map from The Great Circle Mapper

Up and packed, had breakfast at the hostel and got tickets for the airbus. New Zealand money is plastic - like Australian money, very useful if you accidentally wash it. New Zealand seems to have integrated it's cultures more, Maori names are still used for places and some signs are dual language. Maori culture and heritage seems far more accepted and celebrated than the indigenous cultures in America and Australia.

Got the airbus from outside the hostel to the airport. Very impressed with Air New Zealand, there is a separate area for Business Class check in, immigration and we were fast tracked through security. From approaching the check in desk to being in the lounge only took about fifteen minutes.

In the lounge we got a buffet lunch. On the plane we got our own portable DVD players with a list of DVDs to choose from - I watched Phantom of the Opera. We had a very pleasant 'light' four course lunch, followed by coffee and mints. Arrived at Sydney airport and got through immigration and customs fine. Got the shuttle transfer to Wake Up fine. Our room is reasonable for a hostel and even has a TV in it. The key cards include advice on what to do if being followed by a Matrix agent.

After dumping our bags we set out to explore and caught a train down towards the quayside.

Harbour Bridge Opera House Us at Opera House

We had a lovely walk along the harbour with fantastic views of harbour bridge and the opera house all lit up. Just sat taking in the view for a while before finding a bar for food, beer and to watch England make a reasonable start to the second test.

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