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The Honeymoon

Australia Flag Victoria Flag

Melbourne, Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia


Auckland, Dominion of New Zealand

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Map from The Great Circle Mapper

Up this morning and packed. Had breakfast and said goodbye to Chloe Cat, then Grub drove us to the airport. Got through check in fine, then had a drink with Grub before getting through customs and immigration with no problems. The flight (NZ124) was reasonably good, watched Hitch Hikers Guide whilst eating prawns followed by lamb fillet followed by ginger ice cream with a very pleasant desert wine and cheese and crackers.

When we arrived in Auckland there was no queuing for immigration or customs, though they did seem to take a while to check my passport.

We got an airport shuttle to the Fat Camel. We have our own double room in an apartment with a shared kitchen and bathroom. As far as hostels go it is reasonably nice, has its own bar and the staff are friendly. We had our free evening meal of nachos and a beer in the hostel bar then set out on a little explore of Auckland. Found a nice bar to sample several New Zealand beers. New Zealand beer seems to be reasonably good.

It was dark when we arrived - another reminder that we are now in winter time. The pub was Victorian themed in part, with elephants and pump handles with English hunting scenes on. It also had a large screen TVs showing old rugby matches and gaming machines and pool tables.

Had another beer at the hostel before heading for bed.

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