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The Honeymoon

Australia Flag Victoria Flag

Melbourne, Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia

Up this morning and booked hostels for Auckland and Sydney. Grub cooked us a wonderful breakfast of bacon, eggs and very nice sausage. The dawn chorus this morning sounded very different to usual.

Got a taxi into town and had a quick look round the giant casino. Then a walk along the river, through the Sunday craft market and past street performers and artists. Saw a very strange building - all metal rods and glass panels, and a display of old cars.

Melbourne Cathedral Jane and Grub Melbourne Train Station
Melbourne Melbourne

Had a look in some ski gear shops before settling down for a drink. Found a pub with a good range of nice beers but quite expensive so didn't stop for long. Then went to the Duke of Wellington pub, where we found a Sheffield Wednesday fan from Sydney - of all the strange things to find in a pub in Melbourne.

We then got a taxi back to the Burvale for dinner. I had an aussie burger - egg, beetroot, lettuce, bacon, tomato and of course a good big burger.

It was then home and some English beer and German Gluhwein.

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