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The Honeymoon


Melbourne, Victoria, Commonwealth of Australia

Australia Flag Victoria Flag

Woke up in plenty of time for breakfast. This consisted of coffee, juice, fresh fruit a cheese omelette sausage, ham and a croissant. The ham was reformed stuff but apart from that it was pretty good. United don't seem to cater for vegetarians very well though. Arrived in Sydney as dawn was a red smudge on the horizon, and then waited for our flight to Melbourne in the Sydney Red Carpet club.

Flew over miles and miles of open countryside without even a road to mark it. Reminds you how large and sparsely populated this country is. Flew over mountains covered with snow, a reminder that this time as well as moving countries and time zones we've also moved seasons, from summer heat waves to the cool of winter.

Met at the airport by Grub and went back to his place to meet Chloe. Chloe has lovely blue eyes and fine chocolate coloured hair with a black face. She is small with delicate bones and is a lovely Siamese cat. Had a coffee then went out for lunch. I had pork ribs - a nice change from steak and seafood. We then stopped for a drink at the closest pub - The Burvale. This is a huge bar with approx six pool tables, plus a large area of comfy seating, normal chairs, leather sofas and some large leather armchairs. Beer in Australia is all lager but is actually fairly decent.

Headed back to Grub's to chill out in front of the TV.

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